A Little Light (Pt. 1) [Fanfic of My Life]

As she set up the lights around the trees, she couldn’t believe that this ‘Glow in the Dark’ two-day party/campout was happening. She had dreamed of this; neon lights everywhere, everyone sprayed with glow paint, and paintball in morning after pancakes and bacon.

“Hey!” was called behind her. She whipped around to see her best friend, Penelope, run across the field with blue glow-paint on her cheeks. Her hair was streaked with neon yellow and her shirt was bright green with pink paint splatters.

“Nice get-up.” Caitlin replied, her own self seemingly dipped in glow paint. A phone started ringing. “Can you get that? My hands are a bit tangled up.”

“Yeah. Hello?” Penelope had reached the other girl’s IPhone and answered the call. “Really?”

She finally unknotted the knot of the lights around her wrist. “Who is it?” she asked.

Penelope held up her pointer finger. “Um, okay.” She handed the phone to its owner, frowning. “Tread lightly…”


“I hate you!” screamed a voice on the other line. Then, it hung up. She looked weirdly at the silver IPhone, with a confused face.

“Brooke?” she asked.

Penelope shook her head. “Weirdly, no.”




“Why? But, no.”



“Who then?”

“IDK. It was a familiar number though.”

Caitlin shrugged, hoping they would still come to the party. Most of the 6th grade Olympians were coming, though Tharanie couldn’t stay overnight.

“Anyways, er, can you run this paint across the field? Maybe four equal sections would be nice.” She handed Penelope two spray cans of white paint that dimly glowed in the dark. The other girl sighed, but ran off to do it.

A sound of a door sliding open was heard as another girl walked towards Caitlin. It was Sarah, whose parents let the 6th grade Olympians have their end-of-school party in the huge backyard.

“Hey…” Sarah said, her hair covered with neon blue and gymnastics jacket with splatters of glowing green. Her eyes bright with excitement as her dog, Sam, who was wearing a glo-in-the-dark collar, walked beside her. “Need any help?”

“A bit. Can you set up the table with the glow sticks or started spraying the tree bark with glow paint?”

“I’ll do the second one. Paint, please!” She handed Sarah multiple spray cans of bright colors.

“Enjoy!” There were multiple trees, so Sarah would take a while.

A car door was slammed. “Crap.” Caitlin muttered. Hopefully, it was Alex or Hannah Botts who asked to volunteer, not another Olympian. Partyers weren’t supposed to come until 5:00.

The person walked across the field. It was….


P.S – Bobby, if you are reading this, go AWAY. Gabi & Eli, GELI!!!! Everyone else, ship Fruit Salads.


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