Bio: To understand my little world of Fandoms and Insanity, please read everything below: MARVEL IS FLIPPIN BETTER THAN DC! I am my grade team's fanfic writer, accepting requests from my friends only. I like to think of every single possibility. Parallel universes and paradoxes are epic. I am a Potterhead, a demigod, a shadowhunter, a tribute, and an old Yognaught. #hawis #soi I am the #1 shipper other than my co-Fangirl Ainsley. Bainsley and Hawis (Hannah and Lewis from Yogscast) are my main ships. Long live Rue, Prim, and Finnick! If you want to see the 'rough drafts' of my fanfics, got to Wattpad and find the user angie666666. She's my friend who is my 'manager' And lastly, I have a notorious habit of telling secrets, which can either help me or destroy me...

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